20 April 2021

Clean Professional: new cleaning solutions

Clean Professional presents its new launches for kitchens, bathrooms and hard surfaces.

Clean Professional, an MK SpA brand, brings a further dimension to its range of products with new launches that cover all areas of use: kitchens, floors, surfaces and bathrooms. Clean Professional offers a wide range of professional products designed to satisfy the principal cleaning and sanitisation needs of all areas.


STOV 40 PLUS is a Dishwasher Detergent for very hard water (>40°) with a high level of sequestering action. Ideal for washing in conveyor and basket type dishwashers. It guarantees a high standard of hygiene, neutralising food odours.

IGIENFRIGO + is a de-icer specifically designed to defrost fridges, freezers and frozen surfaces. Its special formula with detergent and sanitising action speeds up the defrosting process for easy ice removal. It can also be used to de-ice windows and locks and prevent ice from forming on surfaces.


SGRASS PAVI PLUS is a concentrated, non-perfumed degreasing detergent with a sanitising action. It eliminates stubborn greasy dirt of any nature, gradually reducing tile greying.

PAVICLOR + is an active chlorine-based gel detergent specifically designed for highly effective cleaning of all chlorine-resistant surfaces. Whitens and brings a fresh, clean scent.

KRISTAL GEL PLUS is a perfumed gel detergent specifically designed for windows, mirrors, doors and laminated, glass and ceramic objects and surfaces. It evaporates quickly, leaving surfaces clean and shiny, with no streaking. Its gel formula adheres perfectly to surfaces, allowing deep cleaning of windows and surfaces exposed to the outdoors, particularly prone to encrusted dirt.

SANITOUCH + is a gel detergent with sanitising molecules specifically designed for deep cleaning and screen safety, cash registers, POS, tablets, smartphones, keyboards and touch surfaces. It cleans, sanitises and removes streaks and fingerprints.


BAGNO EXTRA PLUS is a detergent with triple-action citric acid: sanitising, limescale-removing and deodorising. Effectively removes limescale and the build-up of soap from sanitary fixtures, tiles and taps.

Specifically for daily cleaning of hard bathroom surfaces resistant to acids.

KALK OFF PLUS is a descaling acid detergent specifically formulated to remove limescale and greasy build-up from showers, tiles, ceramics and surfaces in stainless steel like taps, outlet pipes and sink and bath drains. Its formula does not damage stainless steel and chrome parts. Leaves a lingering clean fragrance.

WC CLOR + is an active chlorine-based sanitising gel detergent for cleaning toilets. Its formula ensures perfect cleaning with guaranteed hygiene. It is pleasantly fragranced and whitens the toilet.


DEOSANY PLUS is a sanitising room deodorant with a lingering fragrance. With the quaternary ammonium salts in its formula, it eliminates unpleasant odours from organic material.

Non-greasy and does not stain. Ideal for bathrooms and waste areas.

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