25 April 2021

Products for medical use and Biocides for highly effective protection

Marka Medical Use and Biocide Disinfectants for highly effective professional protection.

Marka, an MK spa brand, has been developing, producing and marketing professional cleaning solutions for more than 60 years, by means of ongoing comparison with market needs.
Today, in order to guarantee highly effective protection of environments and people, in its laboratories, Marka has developed a range of Medical Use and Biocide disinfectant products ideal for all applications.

Disinfectants for Medical Use

Marka, with its disinfectants for Medical Use, authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health, guarantees effectiveness against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

SANIGEL HG is a hand sanitiser for medical use formulated with ethyl alcohol >70%. Owing to its concentrated alcohol formula, it guarantees highly effective hand disinfection, leaving hands soft, hydrated and protected. Sanigel HG is available in pocket size 100 ml, ideal for disinfecting hands at any time of day, as well as the 500 ml and 1 l sizes, for countertop or free-standing dispenser use, and in the 5 l size, to be used in special dispensers or as refills.

SANISPRAY is a disinfectant for medical use formulated for highly effective disinfection of all surfaces, work surfaces and food equipment. Its formula with ethyl alcohol >70% renders Sanispray effective and safe on all surfaces, guaranteeing protection and safety, as well as thorough disinfection. Sanispray for medical use is available in pocket size 100 ml and in the 750 ml and 5 l formats.

Biocide Disinfectants

Biocides destroy, eliminate, render harmless and prevent the action of any harmful organisms and pathogenic micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses.
With its biocide products, Marka guarantees highly effective disinfection and protection of all environments and surfaces, in both public and private contexts.

ULTRA HG is a biocide disinfectant formulated with isopropyl alcohol >70%. Its special formula with isopropyl alcohol is the first to be authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health as a biocide product. Ultra HG is a highly effective sanitiser and guarantees thorough disinfection of all surfaces, particularly those used for food, ensuring the safety and protection of employees and customers. What makes Ultra HG Biocide Disinfectant so original is the coverage of the PT2/PT4 segments, allowing its use on all surfaces on which foods are produced, packaged and provided.

CHLORINE SPRAY is an active chlorine-based gel disinfectant specifically designed for highly effective disinfection of all chlorine-resistant surfaces. Its formula with 0.3% active chlorine, three times higher than the level recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health, bearing witness to its highly effective disinfecting action. As in the case of Ultra HG, Chlorine Biocide Disinfectant Spray covers the PT2 and PT4 segments, guaranteeing effectiveness and protection on all food surfaces.
Marka has also designed and developed two cleaning solutions for one of the rooms most prone to bacteria and organic dirt: the bathroom. For these requirements, Marka has launched CHLORINE GEL and WC CHLORINE GEL.

CHLORINE GEL is an active chlorine-based Biocide Disinfectant specially designed and formulated to guarantee highly effective disinfection of all bathroom surfaces resistant to chlorine, such as sanitary fixtures, ceramic surfaces and tiles. Its special formula guarantees triple action: it cleans, disinfects and whitens. Chlorine Gel is also suitable for disinfecting chlorine-resistant surfaces in the kitchen, such as stainless-steel worktop surfaces. If diluted, Chlorine Gel is suitable for thoroughly disinfecting stoneware, concrete quartz and granite flooring. Chlorine Gel covers the PT2 and PT4 segments and is available in a convenient 1 l size.
WC Chlorine Gel is a Biocide Disinfectant formulated with active chlorine. Owing to its special formula, it guarantees highly effective cleaning and disinfection of toilets, whitening them and thoroughly removing all organic waste.
For highly effective and safe floor protection, Marka has launched CLOR 300, a Biocide Disinfectant with 1%:300 ppm active chlorine, that successfully disinfects all chlorine-resistant hard surfaces. Clor 300 is ideal for markets like Residential Care, Healthcare, self-consumption retail, industry, hotel and catering.

Marka, Hygiene Protection System

The range of Biocide Disinfectants and Disinfectants for Medical Use adds a further dimension to Marka’s already consolidated and popular Hygiene Protection System range, a selection of high-performance products designed to guarantee maximum hygiene, disinfection and protection in all public and working environments.
With this range, Marka commits to offering the best professional cleaning solutions, responding to the strict market requirements and guaranteeing maximum safety and highly effective and professional protection.

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