We will make your world more welcoming. And everyone else's too.

MK is an Italian company dedicated to developing innovative formulas that can make the places where we live cleaner, safer, and more pleasant. In a word, more welcoming. This is why, MK's chemistry is not only an encounter between material elements, but also a perfect mix of rationality and empathy, the only way to ensure a science on a human scale.

Cleaning systems that revolutionize your idea of cleanliness.

For 60 years, we have been striving for excellence and working with commitment to find ever safer, more innovative and effective solutions to clean and santize professional environments. We manage every stage of the production process directly: from the concept to the formulation, from packaging to labelling. Our products are entirely made in Italy with top-quality raw materials. All MK brands respond to any needs in terms of cleaning and hygiene, both in the professional sphere and in the houselhold.

We search for new and increasingly brilliant ideas.

There can never be enough of the best. We experiment, invest in innovation, and have internal research labs to offer increasingly cutting-edge solutions. We want to guarantee our clients extraordrinary products that make their job easier in full respect of the planet's needs.

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Proud to be Made in Italy.

Our supply chain is 100% Italian. Every stage, from the design idea to production, takes place inside the company. We analyze, experiment, test, and monitor all processes. Because we strive to guarantee the highest level of control and safety.

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Close to the client: our added value.

At MK we listen to every need. We look for the best solution in collaboration with our clients. We are always by your side, ready to support you with training courses, consultancy, as well as technical and commercial support and assistance. We build a relationship of trust with every client based on a constant dialogue and active listening aimed at problem solving. This is the only way we can offer you timely solutions and a made-to-measure service that brings a concrete advantage to your business.

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Working with MK means being part of a dynamic and innovative company. MK is always looking for new collaborators and many of the applications reach us through this website. In addition to the specific competences required by the position in question, we are searching for people with passion and team spirit who are result- and client-oriented and have strong relational and organizational skills.

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