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For more than 60 years, we have been committed to searching for ever safer and effective solutions for cleaning and sanitizing professional environments.

Over time, Marka has been able to guarantee the highest level of hygiene and safety in environments where hundreds of people work and in particularly critical environments like healthcare facilities. Our products are highly specialized to effectively respond to your need for protection. At work and at home.

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MARKA for professionals

More than a complete range, Marka constitutes an actual stystem of tools dedicated to all operators in the industry. The wide offer of solutions is divided into a line for professional cleaning, one for sanitation, and a dedicated line for products with low environmental impact. Three areas of intervention that guarantee in-depth cleaning of all environments and an effective protection for employees, clients, and end users of the product.

Sistema Detergenza

Whatever your operational need might be, Sistema Detergenza can provide the most performing solutions for the sector of professional cleaning. The excellence of its formulas, the highly specialized products, the width of the range, all guarantee maximum efficiency, quality results, and a competitive advantage in terms of cost.


Sistema Igiene

Sistema Igiene complies with the most restrictive indications of the Italian Ministry of Heath and the WHO regarding disinfection. Our solutions have been specifically studied to ensure the highest protection for people and to santize environments and equipment in any field of application: HO.RE.CA., large-scale retail, food and cosmetics industry, public and private communties.


Sistema Ambiente

Sistema Ambiente is the right choice for sustainable cleaning. Ecolabel, Cam and Concentrati Giusta Dose (Right Dose Concentrates) use sustainable and renewable raw materials, have entirely recyclable packaging, and make it possible to reduce plastic waste by 80%.

MARKA for consumer goods

We believe that cleaning and sanitizing an environment are not simply routine gestures, but responsible actions that are necessary to protect the people who live, eat, and breathe in a given environment. Therefore, it is crucial to have an informed and rational approach in this field. In one word: a serious approach. Due to this belief, Marka is committed to search for increasingly safe and effective solutions to clean and sanitize your home. Because, today more than ever, it is key to know and appreciate the difference between doing things and doing them seriously.

Pulire sul serio

Marka offers a complete line of highly specialized and innovative product that can respond to any need, from everyday cleaning to maintenance and to the care for specific objects and materials, always ensuring top performance. Marka's cleaning line is the result of an extremely long experimentation process and of constant testing in the field of professional cleaning.


Igiene sul serio

The need to sanitize and protect ourselves requires targeted and absolutely effective solutions. Marka offers a complete line of highly specialized products, all formulated with particularly effective sanitizing active ingredients and includes various disinfectants, medical and surgical products, and biocidal disinfectants. Marka's sanitizing products guarantee maximum protection for people and for their homes.


Olfactory marketing allows us to use our sense of smell to create a stronger bond between companies and their clients: the fragrance acts on the unconscious and is transformed into an impulse to act.

Kaleos is our professional cleaning brand levering the olfactory consonance between places and consumption experiences. Thanks to its customizable and persistent fragrances, Kaleos enriches the atmosphere and induces clients to extend their stay and return to the point of sale.

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Clean Professional is the line dedicated to Ho.Re.Ca and to commercial and professional activities.

Its highly specialized formulas have been studied to guarantee quick execution, safety, and great performance in cleaning and sanitizing environments and equipment, including those used to prepare food. It is ideal in H.A.C.C.P. plans.

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