60 years of looking towards the future.

What distinguishes us

We are an Italian company and we control our entire supply chain internally. We have a research lab, a cosmetics division, and we are authorized to produce medical and surgical devices.

We experiment and do research to guarantee increasingly cutting-edge formulas in terms of performance, safety and environmental protection.

We are always one step ahead: our formulas are constantly being updated to meet the new needs of the market with innovative cleaning and sanitizing products .

Company Profile

MK was founded in 1963 with the aim of creating innovative products for professional cleaning.

Thanks to its specific expertise, from the very beginning MK deserved the preference of the main multinational companies in the industry as partners in its research, development, and production.

Our constant research and excellence, combined with a careful study of market needs, has brought us to create a vast range of specific solutions for the needs of professional cleaning, in the most diverse fields of application.

Thanks to its ability in capturing new trends, MK is a foreunner and leader in the field of olfactory cleaning.

Our cleaning and sanitizing systems stand out due to the performance, safety and innovative formulas. Today, they are also designed for large-scale retail with a premium line dedicated to the consumer.

Certifications and Membership

We respect the highest quality and safety standards in all our operations. We want to offer you the best products, which is why we continuously monitor our raw materials, in full compliance with the regulations and measures for environmental protection.
The certifications we have already obtained and the ones that are pending approval, both national and international, are one further confirmation of our constant search for excellence.

Corporate Certifications

ISO 9001

This is the international standard of reference awarded for a company’s quality management. It allows the certified company to guarantee its customers the maintenance and improvement of the quality of its products and services over time.

Product Certifications


ECOLABEL EU is the European Union’s label of environmental excellence, which is issued according to specific criteria for high quality standards that also seek to reduce the environmental impact of products and services throughout their entire life cycle.

This is an authorization issued by the Italian Ministry of Health for sanitizing products that can eliminate damaging microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.


It is the only Italian representative organization that brings together, protects and promotes the different components of the Professional Cleaning supply chain in Italy. In fact, the association brings together producers, importers and distributors of products, machinery, paper and equipment, as well as other sectoral bodies and thanks to its activity, the Professional Cleaning sector today represents a flag of Made in Italy in the world.

It represents companies producing products for the cleaning, maintenance and hygiene of environments not only for the home, but also for communities and industry: detergents, laundry soaps, washing aids, medical-surgical devices (disinfectants and environmental disinfectants), waxes, car care products, environmental deodorants.

It is a global non-profit organization with volunteer members whose goal is to bring together stakeholders from across the palm oil supply chain to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil.

Our History
Sustainability goal

MK has obtained SLP (Second Life Plastic) certification from separate waste collection, adding another step to its goal Sustainability.

Let's look ahead

This is an important year in which we are restructuring our production plant and adopting new 4.0 production equipment and installations.
MK becomes a joint stock company.

Award winners

The product Sanigel is recognized by Altroconsumo as the best hand sanitizer on the market.

New frontiers

The launch of the brand Kaleos makes us forerunners of olfactory marketing applied to cleaning products.


MK becomes part of the Balletta Group, an important step towards corporate development.

Launch of the brand Marka

Marka was created to offer a complete range of outstanding cleaning products that could meet all the specific needs of professionals in the cleaning industry.

The new production plant

The plant becomes larger and innovative: 20,000 sqm equipped with the best technology. The same year, the company obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

Cosmetic lab and PMC (medical and surgical products)

MK inaugurates its cosmetic lab and obtains authorization to produce medical and surgical products.

The beginning

This is the date MK was founded and it marks the beginning of a long history in developing new formulas and products for the biggest multinational companies in the field of cleaning and sanitation.

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