Growing in full respect of
people and of the planet.

What distinguishes us

We support practices of responsible consumption and make a commitment by investing in projects that contribute to the wellbeing of our community.

By 2025, we strive to halven the environmental impact deriving from the production and use of our products.

We have eliminated microplastics and nanoplastics in our cosmetic products and are committed to eliminating them in our cleaning products as well by 2026.

We want to do our part.
The world is asking us to.
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Environmental sustainability

Companies today have a great responsibility towards the future of people and of the planet. It is time to make important choices towards a sustainable development. MK strongly believes in the importance of making responsible decisions to safeguard the environmental resources of our planet and the wellbeing of all its inhabitants. We contribute to the UN’s Global Goals working concretely on some of the 17 goals for sustainable development that were established to obtain tangible results by 2030. We want to do our part. The world is asking us to.

Ecolabel UE

In 2020 we obtained the ECOLABEL EU certification, the European Union’s label of environmental excellence that distinguishes products and services which guarantee high performance standards and are characterized by a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

Reduction of plastic

In 2023 we received the PSV (Second Life Plastic) certification for separate waste collection. 80% of our packaging is made from 50% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable after use.

Microplastics and nanoplastics

The law prohibits the use of microplastics in cosmetic products and MK has chosen to eliminate even nanoplastics in a gesture of responsibility that goes beyond the mere respect of the law. By 2026, we commit to eliminating microplastics and nanoplastics even in our cleaning products.

Energy saving

We have implemented a project to reduce the use of power consumption in all our plants. By inserting last-generation lamps, energy consumption has been reduced by 73%.

Renewable energy

To heat up all our environments, in 2020 we employed a heat pump that exploits the heat that is naturally contained in the air, in surface water, in the ground water, and in the soil.

Corporate fleet

By 2025, our entire corporate fleet will be composed by hybrid vehicles to contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

Social sustainability

Social commitment has always been a part of our sense of responsibility and is deeply rooted in our values. Today it is defined as ‘corporate citizenship’, which is a sense of belonging to all of society. MK supports social projects throughout Italy in fields such as education, health, sports, and culture.


MK is committed to promoting an inclusive environment in full respect of diversity. We make sure that all our employees enjoy the same rights and opportunities. We want to raise awareness and train our workers to create a common corporate culture to support concrete actions of diversity management. We actively participate in inclusivity projects organized by our partners.


We know that different generations have different needs. And we make a concrete commitment to manage and satisfy the needs of all our employees, whatever their age.


We are convinced that gender difference is a resource that should be valued and enhanced. Our goal is to offer everyone equal opportunities by getting rid of inequalities and prejudice. To improve the corporate environment and the relationship between colleagues.

Health and wellbeing

We are dedicated to collective wellbeing and collaborate with hospitals, care homes, schools, law enforcement and first-aid volunteers by putting our know-how and sanitation products at their disposal.

Chemistry for the young in the MK Lab

We want to spread our passion for formulas. This is why we organize guided tours of our production plant and simulations in the lab that stimulate an interest for chemistry in children and teenagers.

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