our secret formula.

What distinguishes us

Our labs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources. We work to create solutions for specific needs.

Our researchers are oganized in flexible teams in order to always gain as much as possible from a patrimony of shared knowledge.

We invest in outstanding technology and raw materials to guarantee more effective and safer formulations in shorter times.

MK Lab

We want to always give you the very best. This is why we listen to you, identify new needs, and give room to creativity. This is how our products are born. From a continuous dialogue between producer and consumer, from the combination of good ideas and new technologies, from a serious scientific research combined with extraordinary passion. Every year we dedicate more than 3500 hours to research and development.

Innovation: the winning business formula.

We have created more than 900 formulas, one third of which was developed exclusively for our clients. Our formulas are conceived to provide an effective response to every need, even the most specific.

From concept to product

In partnership with our clients, we design projects that go from the concept to the choice of the best raw materials, components and formulas. We test and guarantee the expected performance, certifying every step up to the drafting of technical documentation and safety sheets.


Our concentrated formulas, both liquid and in gel, are the ideal solution to optimize the amount of product you use. No-rinse products allow you to save large amounts of water.


We search for innovative raw materials that often find their application in other products. They are 4.0 cleaning formulas suitable to the new materials currently in use and guarantee higher performances thanks to the synergy between several active ingredients halvening operating times compared to traditional formulas.


Our products are conceived to offer maximum protection and safety to all environments in which they are applied. A complete range including sanitizers and disinfectants, medical and surgical products and biocidal disinfectants.


Many of our products are created with plant-based ingredients, do not contain GMOs, and use raw materials from renewable sources. Our packaging in 100% recycled plastic is completely recyclable. We are ECOLABEL EU certified, a certification for environmental excellence issued by the European Union.


We create exclusive formulas that are exclusively registered for our clients. We provide technical sheets and a complete instruction manual for a safe use of our products. We organize training courses for salespeople, clients, and end users. We register our cleaning and cosmetic products on the relevant European portals.


We study exclusive fragrances that are hypoallergenic and of cosmetic origin. Our delicate yet persistant fragrances follow the principles of aroma therapy. We have an entire line dedicated to the latest discoveries in olfactory marketing.


Our products guarantee the highest level of safety. They are microbiologically, dermatologically and clinically tested. We have tested formulas for sensitive skin. We perform in vitro effectiveness and declassification tests.


Our formulas are studied to be effective at various temperatures and with any level of water hardness. We guarantee the highest performance and respect of different materials, even the most delicate. You can choose formulas made with biodegradable degreasers.


We offer a wide range of solutions studied for specific application in any kind of bathroom: in the household, civil contexts, community, health care facilities. Though our products are highly effective, they still guarantee complete respect of any surface and material.

Case Studies and Webinars

You can read numerous case studies in the dedicated Test Room section, Marka's blog. Our webinars focus particularly on training and explore specific topics.

If you would like to be informed about the date of the next event contact us.
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