We believe in a service-based partnership.

What distinguishes us

We collaborate with companies who wish to create personalized cleaning lines or outsource their production.

We are at your service with our training courses, technical or sales assistance, logistic support and consultancy.

We are at your service with our training courses and technical or sales assistance.

Our services
MK Academy

MK dedicates more than 1200 hours to training offering courses for our clients’ employees, agents, collaborators and partners.

The service includes packages of theoretical modules about macro topics and industries, coaching and empirical tests aimed at improving expertise, environmental impact, and the quality of the operator’s or end user’s work.

Courses can be attended digitally by means of webinars, or physically at the MK headquarters, as well as on the client’s premises, in plenary sessions, or specific sessions by region.

At the end of each course, we issue a participation certificate and provide participants with the technical product sheets to support sales or the use of the product, as well as with a sanitization plan for the environments in question.

MK Service


Thanks to our workshop and network of application specialists, we can offer technical assistance on the products and supply systems we provide (proposal, installation, testing, verification), both before and after the sale.


We support the client and propose dedicated sales and communication solutions according to his specific needs.


We support the client by guaranteeing flexible distribution options based on an ad hoc study of solutions.

MK Consulting


We monitor, check and outline periodical reports in compliance with procedures and objectives, through the use of technical tools and quality control methods. The verification begins with coaching in the training phase and continues with periodical visits to the application sites. We partner with certified research labs to test the performance of the service in order to guarantee compliance with the required standards for every field of application.


We support you by providing a preventive cost analysis for a correct financial assessment of tender projects.


We assist you in drafting specific protocols for your operations. We analyze existing protocols and suggest the most appropriate products for the plan prepared for each field of application.

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